Drain Cleaning

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United Plumbing offers drain cleaning services for both residential and commercial customers. If you’re experiencing any of the following signs, contact United Plumbing to have your drains cleaned and get your plumbing fixtures and appliances back to their normal condition.

  • Overflowing toilet
  • Slow draining shower or tub
  • Slow draining kitchen or bathroom sink
  • After spin cycle, your clothes are still soaked

Our highly experienced staff will come equipped with the right tools to locate any blockages or clogs and clear out stagnant debris in your pipes and water lines. Keeping your drains clean and maintained helps prevent drainage problems such as blockages and leaks. If a clogged drain has standing water it will begin to smell foul and the bacteria that begin to grow can affect the health of your family and pets. It is also a great inconvenience to your and your family because you cannot continue to use that water supply. Our Edmonton Plumbers can unplug that nasty drain. We can repair all drains from the basin to main drain on the same day.

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Toilet Repair / New Toilet Installation

Toilets backups can occur when foreign objects become wedged inside the toilet passages causing slow draining and eventually a plugged toilet. United Plumbing technicians can restore flow by servicing the toilet, or in the worst case replacing the toilet.

The most common cause of a plugged toilet is a root bound sewer line. Tree roots look for nutrients inside the sewer line and once they are inside the pipe they have no plans of leaving. Toilet paper and sanitary napkins can become entangled in the roots and before long the toilet is overflowing. United Plumbing has the gear to deal with roots in pipes. We can use our mainline sewer snakes to clear the blockage and tear out the roots. Our high pressure hydro jetters can clean up the remaining debris and return positive flow to the sewer line.

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