Video Pipe Inspections

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United Plumbing uses video pipe inspection to identify blockages or defects in your pipelines. The visual inspection enables our technicians to quickly and accurately determine the best course of action to repair or replace the clogged or damaged pipes. The precision of video pipe inspection equipment removes the inconvenience and irritation of digging to pinpoint the issue.

video pipe inspection

Toilet backups or slow draining plumbing fixtures are difficult to determine exactly where the blockage is. A video pipe inspection uses a long cable with a camera head connected to video monitoring and recording equipment. The camera has a mounted LED light to illuminate the pipe and provide a clear image of the blockage or problem.

The remote camera sends a signal to the handheld device enabling our technicians to precisely identify the problem and the location of the underground pipes for repair or replacement.

The camera records the inspection, allowing our technicians to review the footage in greater detail to isolate the problem. Video pipe inspection is a convenient and non-intrusive method for identifying the cause the plumbing issues.

If you are experiencing slow draining fixtures, leaks or you suspect that there may be a blockage in your pipelines, contact United Plumbing for a video pipe inspection and avoid the guesswork associated with plumbing repairs. We will assist you in identifying the problem and determining an affordable resolution to get your plumbing system back into good working condition.